Bethesda returned to us with a new trailer after Dishonored; this time they wanted to create the teaser for the reboot of uber-game Wolfenstein. Needless to say I was on board and willing to do anything to win the job! Between us, AKQA, and Bethesda the creative was very clear right from the beginning. We wanted to create a teaser that had more qualities of a car commercial than the over the top game trailers we have all become accustomed to. As a narrative we wanted to create a sense of David vs Goliath purely through vignettes of a Nazi assembly line. As the project rolled on it became an exploration in fake industrial design (the reality of these designs really do fail immensely when you break them down), as well as next level lighting and texturing thanks to the incredibly talented team at Psyop.


Client Company Bethesda Softworks

Production Company: Psyop

Director: Jon Saunders

Psyop Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo

Producer: Jen Cadic

Designers: Jon Saunders, Edward Laag, Kenesha Sneed, Ram Bhat

Editor: Cass Vanini

Storyboard Artist: Robin Nishio

Lead Technical Director: Eban Byrne

Animation: Pat Porter, Kitty Lin, Eric Chou

Modelling: Dan Fine, Bryan Eck, Jordan Harvey

Rigging: Zed Bennett

VFX: Eban Byrne, Fabio Piparo Lighting: Jonah Friedman, Andy Gilbert, Keith Kim, Oliver Castle, Andy Hara, Brandi Diminio, Michelle Ko

Lead Compositor: Nick Tanner

Compositing: Bo Kim, Tim Regan, Tobey Lindback

Flame Artist: Nick Tanner

Agency: AKQA

Creative Director: Akira Takahashi 

Producers: Ed Davis, Paul Chang, Adam Abbruzzese

Sound Design Company: Defacto

Sound Designer: Dallas Taylor, Ken McGill & Samson Neslund

Sound Mix Company: Defacto

Mixer: Dallas Taylor