When TED came to us to redesign their show open we all jumped on board the opportunity. Usually bumpers are something to shrug off, but we at Psyop are all huge fans of TED talks and wanted to create something we would be proud of whenever we watched their online speeches. We ended up going with a simple concept; at it's most basic level it was that a point of light equals an idea. We took that and explored how the pedestal that TED gives to their speakers can invoke and inspire new ideas. Thus a single dot in the sky ripples into a nebula of light...and strange thought orb things.


Director: Psyop

Creative Directors: Jon Saunders, Laurent Barthelemy, Borja Pena

Executive Producer: Michael Neithardt 

Producer: Ryan Mack

Design: Jon Saunders, Sam Ballardini

3D Lead: Christian Bach

3D Artists: Fabio Piparo, Todd Akita, Jonah Friedman, Jonathan Lee, Chris Wilson, Bradley Gabe

2D Composition: Tobey Lindback, Robert Henry