Bethesda and Rokkan approached Psyop with the task to create 3 prequels to the AAA videogame, Dishonored, to help promote the game prior to it's launch. Each piece was meant to give a bit of backstory to the world of Dishonored, but Rokkan and Bethesda wanted to create a completely unique visual language for these shorts. We took inspiration from Egon Schiele and many stark black and white illustrations for our look and embraced the hand crafted feel for the piece as a whole. We felt the imperfections lent well to the concept of these stories being folk lore for the city of Dunwall. In the end we generated around 3,000 unique frames in photoshop in order to animate this piece.


ADC 2012 (bronze), Game Marketing Awards (Best Long Format featuring Promotional Content 2013), Clio Gold for ch01, ch02 and ch03, AICP 2013 Shortlist (chapter 1)


Creative Director: Jon Saunders

Lead Technical Director: Borja Peña 

Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo

Producer: Ryan Mack

Associate Producer: Delaney O'Brien 

Design: Jon Saunders, Sam Ballardini 

Illustration/Animation: Jon Saunders, Borja Peña, Sam Ballardini, Marika Cowen, Blake Patrick, Angelica Alzona, Lizzie Akana, Stephanie Davidson, Stephanie Russell

Storyboard Artist: Robin Nishio 

3d Modeling: Sue Jang, Dave Chen, Oliver Castle, Bryan Eck

Rigging: Zed Bennett

3d Animation: Ryan Moran, David Barosin, Michael Shin

Compositing: Borja Peña, Helen Park, Jason Conradt, Danny Kamhaji

Composer: Daniel Licht 

Sound Design: Defacto Sound